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Hulk Hogan’s Son Gets 8 Months in Jail May 11, 2008

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CLEARWATER, FL — Nick Bollea, the 17-year-old son of wrestler Hulk Hogan, was sentenced to eight months in jail today after he entered an “open plea.”

The plea left his sentencing completely up to Judge Phillip Federico. This also gave the Graziano family the opportunity to testify on how the crime has affected their lives.

“What Al-Qaeda couldn’t do to my son, (Bollea) did,” Edward Graziano, the father of the victim, said.

“He destroyed my son’s future”; “I had high hopes and dreams for him.”

Part of the plea agreement was a cap on Bollea’s jail and probation time, which was recommended by the Graziano family. Even though the charges carried a maximum of five years in jail, members of the Graziano family recommended six months in county jail. The exception was Edward Graziano, who asked for one year.

“I’ll never be able to say I’m sorry enough” said Bollea when given his chance to talk.

Other terms of Bollea’s sentence are as follows:
5 years of probation
500 hours of community service
Drivers license revokation for 3 years
Pay investigation and court fees
Adjudication was withheld

Nick was behind the wheel of his Toyota Supra when he lost control and slammed into a tree near downtown Clearwater last August.

The accident seriously injured both Hogan and his passenger, John Graziano, who remains in a coma.

Since the crash, Nick lost sponsorships in a racing sport called, “drifting”, which he has a professional license to participate in.

ABC Action News also obtained footage of Linda Bollea, Nick’s mother, engaging in illegal street racing.

The racing footage showed Linda Bollea alongside another car in a Mercedes S600 with her daughter Brooke as a passenger.


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