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It’s Over: Britney & Kevin Reach a Custody Settlement July 18, 2008

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Britney Spears and her ex Kevin Federline have reached a custody settlement in their epic court battle over their two sons.

According to the agreement, which still needs to be signed off on by the court, Federline retains sole custody of the couple’s two sons, Preston, 2 1/2, and Jayden, 1 1/2. Spears – who’s currently allowed two visits and one overnight per week – will keep her visitation rights.

“The case has been settled,” Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan tells PEOPLE. “This is the end of a two-year journey.”

Both parties are due in court Friday.

The legal saga, which began with shared 50-50 custody in July 2007, culminated in the most dramatic of public downfalls: Spears – the pop powerhouse worth an estimated $100 million – was twice forcibly hospitalized early this year for mental health issues. (Her father Jamie stepped in to take legal control of her affairs.)

However, a judge can always modify custody settlements – and a source close to Spears tells PEOPLE the singer will likely get increased visitation as time goes on.

“Until the kids turn 18, we can expect in years to come that Britney and Kevin will be back in court,” says L.A. family lawyer Lynn Soodik, who is not involved with the case. “Britney will have a better chance of winning more custody once she regains her health. This is just the end of Round One.”

E! was first to report the couple’s settlement.


Spencer Pratt Fires Back at Bruce Jenner May 20, 2008

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The feud is heating up! Spencer Pratt has words for Brody Jenner‘s dad Bruce who dubbed him a “bad influence.”

“That’s a bold statement for someone who only decided to try and be Brody’s father after Brody got famous,” Pratt says. “He should focus more on trying to be a father and worry less about Brody’s influences. Brody’s doing just fine.”

Bruce Jenner told Us that he blames Brody’s pals including Frankie Delgado and Pratt for Brody’s womanizing ways.

“He’s been brought down by all his friends,” Bruce said. “It’s not really him. He’s a homeboy.”


Anne Heche Says She Can’t Afford Child Support May 16, 2008

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Anne Heche says she can no longer afford to pay the nearly $15,000-a-month in child and spousal support because she’s unemployed after the cancellation of Men In Trees.

“I am continuing to look for work, but I have no offers pending and the impending strike by the Screen Actors Guild reduces my prospects for work even further,” Heche, 38, writes in court papers.

A judge Wednesday gave her a temporary break, saying she didn’t have to pay her next support payment to her ex Coley Laffoon, 34, covering the month of July. But Superior Court Judge Gail Ruderman Feuer ordered the actress to provide updated income and expense information.

In a court declaration, Heche indicated her financial straits were dire and that she can no longer afford to pay the $14,798 in monthly support, along with private school tuition for her 6-year-old son Homer, the mortgage on her house in Canada where Men In Trees filmed, rent on her Los Angeles home and car expenses.

“Since January 18, 2008, I have been unemployed and had no income from employment except for one very short-term contract for a movie role for which I received a total of $65,000, approximately the amount I received for one episode of Men In Trees, she writes.

She adds: “I do receive some residuals from previous acting work. However, the amounts are nominal and are offset by recurring business expenses that must be paid whether or not I am working.”


Barbara Walters “Will Not Dignify” Star Jones’ Comments May 7, 2008

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Guess she left what dignity she had behind when she revealed her decades old affair to Oprah!



Barbara Walters and Star Jones

Barbara Walters is staying quiet about Star Jones’ recent comments on her new memoir, Audition.

Jones spoke about Walters’ tell-all, which chronicles her affair with a married senator in the 1970s. (Jones said “It is a sad day when an icon like Barbara Walters, in the sunset of her life, is reduced to publicly branding herself as an adulterer, humiliating an innocent family with accounts of her illicit affair and speaking negatively against me all for the sake of selling a book,” Jones told Us. “It speaks to her true character.”)

When contacted by Us, Walters’ rep said, “I will not dignify this with a comment. Barbara’s written words say it all!”