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My Favorite “Office Space” Quotes April 30, 2008

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”No, not again. I…Why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam? I swear to God, one of these days, I just kick this piece of shit out the window. —Samir


 ”I’m thinking I might take that new chick from Logistics. If things go well I might be showing her my O-face. ‘Oh…Oh…Oh!’ You know what I’m talkin’ about.” —Drew


”You know what, Stan. If you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair, like your pretty boy over there, Brian, why don’t you just make the minimum 37 pieces of flair?” —Joanna


 ”So I was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that’s on the worst day of my life.” —Peter