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Tony Romo Attends Wedding with Jessica Simpson May 19, 2008

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What’s going on with Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo? While rumors of a split continue to swirl, the two attended Ashlee Simpson’s private weekend nuptials – looking anything but broken up.

Simpson and her NFL-star beau were spotted together Friday on a sushi run in L.A., and later he was by her side again during Ashlee’s rehearsal dinner, held at Jessica’s Beverly Hills home.

“They were very cozy and cute together,” said a source close to the couple, slamming Internet reports that Simpson was devastated to learn that her ex, John Mayer, has taken up with Jennifer Aniston. “She’s definitely not mourning John Mayer! She was in an amazing mood and so happy her sister was getting married.”

As for Saturday’s wedding and Alice In Wonderland-themed reception, Romo continued to shower the elder Simpson, 27, with attention, said the source.

“They were kissing and holding hands throughout the night,” added the insider. “He was very sweet to her. They were very much a couple.”

For the record, Jessica’s rep, Cindi Berger, has called the breakup talk “not true.”


Tony Romo Butchers the 7th Inning Stretch at Wrigley Field May 13, 2008

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Tony Romo should keep his day job.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback sang (or tried to sing) “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” during a Chicago Cubs game on Sunday.

Romo – who had already been booed when he threw out the first pitch – did not further his cause after he invited the crowd at Wrigley Field to sing along. “All right, Chicago. Let me hear ya,” he said before belting out the tune.

But his painful, off-key rendition of the old classic left the crowd hoping that Romo, 28, leaves all future singing gigs to girlfriend Jessica Simpson, who wasn’t at the game this weekend.


Tony Romo Misses Cut for the U.S. Open May 8, 2008

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo played in a U.S. Open qualifying event Wednesday in Dallas, Texas and finished nine over par – just missing the cut.

“I hadn’t played golf in a week or so,” Romo explained in a clip played on ESPN. “I played nine holes last week, and tried to get in game shape, but obviously that wasn’t enough it comes and goes.”

Romo continued, “Well, I didn’t make the next round. You come out here and try to advance. I found a good rhythm on back side, but it just took too long to get started. I just haven’t been able to practice or prepare. I got a lot of football stuff. So that’s part of it.”

Another possible distraction? Girlfriend Jessica Simpson. Simpson gushed in the June issue of Glamour magazine, that she is “in love” with Romo, whom she says helped her gain more confidence. “Tony taught me that because he loves me [as me]. He made me feel comfortable (being myself) again,” she adds.