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Tornado Supercell Picture May 8, 2008

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A supercell that became a Tornadic vortex signature (TVS) lights ...
 A supercell that became a Tornadic vortex signature (TVS) lights up the night sky with lightning over Amarillo, Texas, late May 6, 2008.


Tornado Victims Face New Problems May 5, 2008

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 Suffolk Police arrest three for stealing from tornado victims

Burnetts Mill in Suffolk, Virginia is one of the hardest areas hit by the tornado.   Residents say people stealing from them now is like kicking them while they’re down and out.

But that’s what police say is happening. They arrested three people Saturday night after receiving a phone call from a resident saying they saw three people in their neighbors home.

Captain Dean Smith says the stole minor things like “collectible cards, DVD’s, and prescription drugs.”  They’ve been charged with larceny and possession of drugs.

Orris Waters said “I think its awful people are stealing from us. We lost a lot already, please don’t steal from us.”

The tornado damaged Kenneth and Lana Dambrosio’s house, for now they’re staying in a hotel.  But they say “we’ve got neighbors watching out and they’ll give us a call if they see anything out of the ordinary.”

But for backup they’re leaving the dog in the house  to keep an eye on things .

Robert Waters was forced to leave his home after the tornado hit because water and electricity was cut off.  However, as soon as it was turned on returned to the house right away. 

“I heard a lot of looting was going on. We heard people were leaving with televisions and stuff.”

Residents say they don’t understand how the thieves are looting these houses with all the police patrols. 

At the same time, they say most of the security is at the entrance of Burnetts Mill and they believe the looters are coming in from the back of the community.